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Our team

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  • We focussed on Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms/modules for IT solutions
  • 20+ years of experience in software engineering
  • 20+ software engineers with strong skills in AI/ML and mathematics
  • 80% of our team from MIPT 
  • 2 own  SaaS AI/ML end-user software  on local market

Our expertise

  • Algorithms improvement, data science and data mining, mathematical analysis and simulation (statistics, mathematical analysis, clustering, regression, anomaly detection, machine learning);
  • Neural networks, deep learning (Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, PyTorch, Caffe, Matlab, MatrixNet)
  • Semantic networks, graphs and ontologies (Neo4j, GraphDB, Apache Jena, Stanford Protege, OWL, RDF);
  • Text libraries - NLP (Nltk, gensim, spaCy, GATE);
  • Video and computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PCL, Yolov3, object detection, face recognition, albumentations);
  • Custom data processing libraries and general mathematical apparatus (pandas, numpy, scipy, mathematica, matlab, statsmodel, fbprophet, arch).

Technology stack

Programming languages

Java, C# 
C / C++


Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Cassandra, GraphDB, Neo4j

Distributed computing

Apache Hadoop
Apache Zookeeper
Apache Ignite

Apache Spark

Tools and Libraries

Tensorflow, PyTorch, Sklearn, Theano, Gensim



Apache Jena
Apache Kafka
Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix
Apache Solr, Apache Lucene, Sphinx
Google OAuth, AI&ML, Voice recognition, Image recognition
Yandex OAuth, Voice recognition

Development & Support

Jira, Jenkins, Github 

MS Team Foundation 


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AL/ML/NLP modules for Software

Industries: E-commerce, Retail, Telco, Public services, Audit, Insurance, Banking

Our strong experience and expertise in business processes allow us to instantly observe your problem in order to search for possible solution.

AL/ML/NLP modules for IT solutions

  • Scoring system
  • Voice of Customer - collect information about all communications between a company and its clients from various communication channels (text + voice). Perform classification, extract entities, build analytics.
  • Project analysis
  • Predictive analytics - apply mathematical analysis and statistics to predict structure and volume of demand
  • Recommendation system
  • Voice of Employee - collect information from employees of a company about improvements of a processes
  • Risk management
  • Performance & optimization - code and execution analysis including analysis of hardware limitations, code refactoring
  • Streaming and real-time data processing - build Real-Time OLAP with “delta” of several seconds
  • Text analytics - NLP, text processing, entity extraction, classification, aggregation

Top performance

Exclusive rights to developed algorithms / software

Finished software that meets your expectations and serves your business goals
Save time and money on solving highly specialized tasks in AI, ML, NLP
Complete user documentation package

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If a product needs to be released quickly, we will develop a minimal basic version of the product (MVP) and finalize it after you get first feedback from users and investors.

Two payment models:

Top performance VESOLVE

Each of our payment models is an opportunity for you to minimize any risks.

How to work with us? Extremely simple!

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We practice both: old-school and up-to-date development management tools...