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VESOLV is a software AI/ML solutions development lab, which was established in 2015 by two friends, MIPT alumni. The founders have 15 years of experience in IT software development for real business.

Now our team includes 20 people, and we are passionate about creating complex software solutions that provide a unique competitive advantage to our customers.

…AI Lab

From startups to large enterprises…

…AI, big data analytics and computer vision.

Core industries

modules for IT solutions

Scoring system

Project analysis

Recommendation system

Risk management

Voice of Customer

collect information about all communications between a company and its clients from various communication channels (text + voice). Perform classification, extract entities, build analytics.

Predictive analytics

apply mathematical analysis and statistics to predict structure and volume of demand

Voice of Employee

collect information from employees of a company about improvements of a processes

Performance & optimization

code and execution analysis including analysis of hardware limitations, code refactoring

Streaming and real-time data processing

build Real-Time OLAP with “delta” of several seconds

Text analytics

NLP, text processing, entity extraction, classification, aggregation




* Algorithms improvement, data science and data mining, mathematical analysis and simulation (statistics, mathematical analysis, clustering, regression, anomaly detection, machine learning)
* Neural networks, deep learning (TensorFlow, Theano, scikit-learn, Keras, PyTorch, Caffe, MATLAB, MatrixNet, H20)
* Semantic networks, graphs and ontologies (Neo4j, GraphDB, Apache Jena, Stanford Protégé, OWL, RDF, Networkx)
* Selected implementations of gradient boosting (CatBoost, XGBoost, lightGBM)
* Text libraries - NLP (NLTK, Gensim, spaCy, GATE)
* Video and computer vision libraries (OpenCV, PCL, YOLOv3, object detection, face recognition, albumentations)
* Geographical location analysis (Osmapi, GeoPy)
* Custom data processing libraries and general mathematical apparatus (pandas, NumPy, SciPy, Mathematica, MATLAB, statsmodel, fbprophet, arch)

Mobile development

* Android
LANGUAGES: Kotlin, Java, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS: Koin, Kodein, RxJava2, Kotlin Coroutines, ConstraintLayout, OkHttp, Ktor, Retrofit, React Native, Exoplayer, Navigation, Lifecycle, Firebase
LANGUAGES: Swift, Objective-C, JavaScript
FRAMEWORKS: RxSwift, SwiftLint, OpenGL, Firebase, CoreML, Core Data, WatchKit


FRAMEWORKS: Vue.js, React, Angular, VueX, Redux, Bootstrap, RxJS, Apollo, Electron, Cypress, Socket.IO, Web Assembly


TECHNOLOGY: Docker, Kubernetes, Linux Containers, AWS, Jenkins, Grafana, Prometheus, Loki, Terraform Jira, Jenkins, Github, MS Team Foundation, Agile/Scrum


LANGUAGES: Go, C/C++, Python, Java
FRAMEWORKS: Spring, Echo, Flask, Spark, Gval, Gorilla, Asyncio, Aiohttp, Socket.IO, Apache Jena, Apache Kafka, Apache Camel, ActiveMQ, ServiceMix, Apache Solr, Apache Lucene, Sphinx, Google OAuth, Yandex OAuth
DATABASES: Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ClickHouse, Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, GraphDB, Neo4j
* Distributed computing: Apache Hadoop, Apache Zookeeper, Apache Ignite, UIMA DUCC

Implementing and improving Odoo ERP (Open ERP)

* Development of new and modification of existing Odoo modules
- more than 3 years experience
- work with all versions, starting from 10
- experience of core modules deployment and modification
* Odoo technical support and maintenance
- deployment of various configurations
- industry-specific and general purpose modules
- third-party applications



Bring your application to market. 4 steps from idea to working MVP

  1. From vision to clear technical requirements. Through a set of product workshops we help you shape the product, identify ecosystem, set priorities and design a road map.
  2. UX/UI design. User flows are the heart of your product and the main key to customer satisfaction. At this stage we help visualize product concept and ensure right usability.
  3. Development. It is the riskiest stage for every project, and not all manage to pass this stage with reasonable outlays and time. To avoid development pitfalls our team works closely with the customer using agile methodology backed up by a detailed milestone structure.
  4. Iterate. Once your product goes to the public and starts to gain traction, we help you to reach product-market fit. There is nothing more permanent than temporariness. We are here to support you with changes and the right tech people.


Everything you need to increase efficiency or build new vertical integrations.

  1. Project design. Revision of existing solution and product workshop to identify clear technical requirements, right ecosystem and project milestones. We complete this step with a development road map, which includes roles and full communication flow.
  2. UX/UI design and detailed planning stage. Core aim of this stage is pretty wise and simple – agree on the detailed project plan and deadlines.
  3. Build prototype. This stage is the main one, which involves helping to build the final product right from the first time. Testing of concept may help in avoiding mistakes and development pitfalls. Prototype is the right visualization of user experience.
  4. Development and Q&A. This is a coding stage, which is based on the clear and detailed road map while our project managers facilitate core advantages of agile approach.
  5. Launch and maintenance. We uphold warranty obligations for the delivered product and provide technical support, which includes minor changes base on short-term and long-term subscription.


Enhance your growth and efficiency with the cutting-edge AI powered web and mobile applications

  1. Just as no enterprise is like each other, no application is a twin.
  2. Our dedicated enterprise team works on various types of applications to streamline enterprise growth.
  3. While we keep core process from project design to launch and maintenance, we specifically consider important enterprise needs like:
  • Enterprise grade security
  • Scalability
  • Security and specific legal compliance
  • Existing IT eco-system
  • Application life-cycle and cost of support

Feasibility studies for large enterprises is an essential part of the LeanTech approach and help to ensure that required resources are in place, or ROI projected in line with expectations.

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