Automated creation of Business Proposals/Сommercial offers


Automated creation of Business Proposals/Commercial offers


The names of the items in your price list are different from those in the customer’s request.

A large number of items in the customer’s order needs to be correlated with the reference list of your organisation and the appropriate ones need to be selected.

Price list with 100+ items

Solution / How does it work?

AI module for creating a draft of business proposals/commercial offers.

The module automatically selects the items and provides the manager with a draft for approval.

Incoming information is received from different channels and in different formats: DF, Excel, Docs, e-mail, websites, messengers, ERP and CRM systems. All data is forwarded to the Сo-robot.
The Сo-robot matches the requests with your price list and generates all possible variants according to merchandising rules:
finished draft of business proposals/commercial offers
submit several options to the manager for relevant items


  • Business proposals/commercial offers take only 3-7 minutes (instead of 30). More time for sales.
  • Focus on sales: less of a salesperson’s routine
  • up to 50% – savings in employee time
  • up to 85% – faster creation of business proposals/commercial offers
  • up to 30% – savings in wage-fund

Implementation process

Co-robot of the B2B sales department of an e-commerce company, thousands of items on price list, hundreds of business proposals/commercial offers per day.

15 regular employees processing orders

3 months of co-training during standard, routine work

12 employees are searching for new clients.