Development of AI/ML – Based Pricing Systems

Development of AI/ML – Based Pricing Systems

An intelligent pricing system automates all the routine tasks associated with creating and editing price lists, comparing prices with those of competitors, approving price lists in compliance with internal procedures, monitoring the current situation and predicting its possible development.

What is AI-based Pricing System for?

Information about key competitors that do influence sales is very important and profitable for KVIs.
AI algorithms help to find underpriced goods whose prices can be raised.

ML algorithms help to identify situations when there is no demand for particular goods or services because all competitors have set prices too high.

The system helps to reduce human effort required for the process of setting prices of goods and services.

How We Can Help / Solution / Action Plan

  • Business processes analysis and suggestion of optimal and most effective AI/ML usage scenarios.
  • Defining the problem in the language of business processes and in the language understood by data scientists.
  • Preparing the statement of work.
  • MVP development.
  • Testing and development of the final version of the product.
  • Software support and updating.

Tools & Technologies