Development of BI Systems Using AI/ML-Module

Development of BI Systems Using AI/ML-Module

Artificial intelligence (AI) in business intelligence (BI) systems.

What is the AI Module for?

The AI module for business intelligence systems might be the object of particular interest for the companies that today (or in the near future) face the task of improving their automated system for business analysis and analytical reports.

AI/ML solutions for existing BI systems bring new opportunities for better extraction of results from a large variety of data.

Businesses of all scales and industries need to extract useful information from source, raw data. AI/ML-based BI systems can be applied in various fields to solve a wide range of problems.

How We Can Help / Solution / Action Plan

  • Business processes analysis and suggestion of optimal and most effective AI/ML usage scenarios.
  • Defining the problem in the language of business processes and in the language understood by data scientists.
  • Preparing the statement of work.
  • MVP development.
  • Testing and development of the final version of the product.
  • Software support and updating.

Tools & Technologies