Development of Big Data Scoring Systems (Models), AI/ML

Development of Big Data Scoring Systems (Models), AI/ML

Development of a unique model for evaluation of potential borrowers for insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions. Application scoring, anti-fraud scoring, data enrichment.

What is ML Scoring for? Types of Scoring Models

Credit scoring

This scoring model predicts defaulting on a loan.

Scoring for collecting arrears

This scoring model identifies borrowers in arrears who are likely to change their status regarding non-performing loans classification.

Scoring for customer retention

This scoring model identifies those who are interested in continuing to be customers of a particular financial institution.

Scoring for card activation

This scoring model makes the management of credit card issuance more effective.

Fraud scoring

This scoring model performs fraud risk assessment.

Income predictor

Scoring model building is a separate project, but with the help of our analysts, you are guaranteed to get an effective scoring model that can meet your objectives.

How We Can Help / Solution / Action Plan

  • Business processes analysis and suggestion of optimal and most effective AI/ML usage scenarios.
  • Defining the problem in the language of business processes and in the language understood by data scientists.
  • Preparing the statement of work.
  • MVP development.
  • Testing and development of the final version of the product.
  • Software support and updating.

Tools & Technologies