Google Dialogflow

Google Dialogflow

It is a natural language recognition platform that allows you to easily design and integrate an interactive user interface into a mobile app, web application, device, etc.

Clients: LM, Domino’s, Ticketmaster


Digital platforms: Cross-platform software

Versions: Cloud/On-Premise 

Use cases

  • Booking bot “BB” (KLM)

Solution: KLM’s first project was a booking bot for Facebook Messenger. The booking bot was introduced in September 2017. KLM dubbed it ‘BB,’ for Blue Bot (blue being their signature colour). BB’s persona is female, friendly, helpful and professional. She is also a bit edgy, and occasionally even shows a little touch of humour. By connecting BB with the airline’s CRM system, a human agent can quite easily take over if BB is unable to answer.

Results: the airline is happy with BB’s strong early performance. One of KLM’s insights is that they learned that customers love chatting with BB just to discover humorous easter-egg responses to different kinds of questions.

  • Ordering pizza using Dialogflow (Domino’s)

Solution: An integration of the food ordering service with Google Assistant was developed. Now a user of any smartphone with Google Assistant can simply ask to order a pizza.

Result: The app’s performance has exceeded initial expectations, but innovation at Domino’s is an ongoing process.


Dialogflow is user-friendly and intuitive. The product is a widely used tool for creating actions for over 400 million Google Assistant devices. Dialogflow is a Google service that runs on Google’s cloud platform, allowing it to scale to hundreds of millions of users. 

It also uses market-proven external technology to create effective products: Google Cloud Speech (speech recognition).