Ontotext GraphDB (previously known as BigOWLIM) is a graph database and knowledge discovery tool compliant with RDF and SPARQL and available as a high-availability cluster. 

Ontotext GraphDB is used in various European research projects.

As of April 2021, Graph DB is ranked as the 4th most -popular RDF store and 6th most-popular Graph DBMS system. Some categorise it as a NoSQL database. In 2014 Ontotext acquired the trademark “GraphDB” from Sones.

Clients: BBC Sport, Financial Times, Springer Nature, UK Parliament, AstraZeneca, as well as clients in the pharmaceutical and financial industries.


Digital platformsWindows, Android, IOS, Linux, MacOS

Versions: Cloud/On-Premise 


As for a typical graph DB, ontologies are an important input for the databases. The underlying idea is a semantic repository. 

Ontotext Graph DB is used in various scientific areas, e.g., Genetics, Healthcare, Data Forensics, Cultural Heritage, Geography, Infrastructure Planning, Civil Engineering, Digital Historiography, Oceanography.