Stanford Protégé

Stanford Protégé

It is an open source ontology editor and a framework for building knowledge bases.

The Protégé platform supports two main ways to model ontologies through Protégé-Frames and Protégé-OWL editors. Ontologies built in Protégé can be exported to many formats, including RDF (RDF Schema), OWL and XML Schema.

Protégé Desktop is a feature rich ontology editing environment with full support for the OWL 2 Web Ontology Language, and direct in-memory connections to description logic reasoners like HermiT and Pellet. Protégé Desktop supports creation and editing of one or more ontologies in a single workspace via a completely customizable user interface. Visualisation tools allow for interactive navigation of ontology relationships. Advanced explanation support aids in tracking down inconsistencies. Refactor operations available including ontology merging, moving axioms between ontologies, rename of multiple entities, and more.


Digital platforms: Cross-platform software

Versions: Cloud/On-Premise 


WebProtégé provides the following features: 

  • Support for editing OWL 2 ontologies
  • A default simple editing interface, which provides access to commonly used OWL constructs 
  • Full change tracking and revision history 
  • Collaboration tools such as, sharing and permissions, threaded notes and discussions, watches and email notifications 
  • Customizable user interface 
  • Customizable Web forms for application/domain specific editing 
  • Support for editing OBO ontologies Multiple formats for upload and download of ontologies (supported formats: RDF/XML, Turtle, OWL/XML, OBO, and others)